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Church of the Nazarene Lake Placid Florida

Church of the Nazarene
512 West Interlake Blvd.
Lake Placid, Florida 33852
Cell Phone: 863-446-1339


Pastor:  Rev. Tim Taylor

"Come worship God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit with us. We would love to have you"

NLChurch of the Nazarene Lake Placid Florida


Rev. Tim Taylor

Cell Phone: 863-446-1339  

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Schedule of Services

Sunday Morning:

9:30 Senior Adult Sunday School
Teachers: Don Haverkamp &
Orley Dixon

10:45 Morning Worship and Children's Church
Pastor Tim Taylor

Wednesday Evening:
6:00 Pitch-in meal
6:45 Life groups

Younger Adult Class
Teacher: Candy Wallor
6:00 pm Saturday evenings

Additional Life groups TBA
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Isaiah 1:18(TNIV)
“Come now, let us reason together,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool."


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Pastor's post from Rev. Tim Taylor

Easter Blog:
This year Easter has a significant meaning to this Pastor.  I have watched many things take place in the world, (both secular and sacred)that if allowed would decimate faith, and hope.

 Let’s face it, the world is on fire. There is no president or world leader who can bring world  peace and stability. Hopefully some good things can be done, and some  evil plans can be thwarted. But the condition of the world is such that human remedies are not sufficient. The march toward  globalism and one world government is moving at an increasingly rapid pace, partly aided by the violent rise of Islamic terrorism.

The Moral condition of societies in the west  has nearly erased the time tested, self-government of good and honest people. The advancement of abortion on demand, the acceptance of homosexuality as a normal expression of a loving relationship, the forced acceptance of transgenderism, will eventually erase all moral boundaries including those which now serve as a protection to our children from sexual abuse.

We could go on in this vein but I only make reference to these things to tell us that the times Jesus came to in the world of his day was also what seemed like a hopeless world. A people who were walking in darkness, a people whose spirit was broken and despair was common.

Maybe you have struggled this year in your faith and confidence. Perhaps the events in your life, and the relationships around you have offered little hope. I assure you on the authority of God’s word, and from the testimony of those who have risen above their personal trials and loss because of the hope of Jesus resurrection, and from personal experience, that in the darkest hours of my life the hope that comes from my confidence in Jesus resurrected life has pulled me through.

The event of the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, is  the hope for all who believe. Hope for salvation, Hope for life’s trials, hope for protection and peace, Hope for Holiness, and Hope beyond this life and this age.

That is why this year the resurrection is particularly meaningful to me. When situations around us and those that we are a part of  offer little hope, The blazing glory of His resurrected presence gives that blessed hope of victory, both now and in the life beyond this world.

 Hallelujah! He is Risen!  Happy Easter

January 8,2017

Prayer for a spiritual awakening in America.

I know there is no doubt in any one’s mind that we need a spiritual awakening in America. The generation that is leading our nation today, is the first generation that has come to power that grew up in the “God is not welcome here” attitude of our National Public Education institutions. We are reaping the consequences of that decision to Kick God out of our Public Life.

Today, we are seeing the results of a secular society who has no moral compass, and leaders who have enshrined their own deviancy in the laws and practices of our Nation.  We often lament, that things have never been this bad. But they have.

In every Great Move of God through the ages, the awakenings have taken place against the backdrop of extreme wickedness, even in the Churches, and in the ministry. The Reformation, the awakening in the British Isles under the Wesleys, The great awakening in America, with George Whitefield, Francis Asbury, Jonathan Edwards, and others, The awakening under Christmas Evans, and others as they saw the power of God move in Wales and Scotland, The second revival in Wales, The second awakening in America, The Finney Revivals, the Camp meeting Movement, The birth of the Holiness movement, Duncan Campbell, and the early twentieth century revival crusades with DL Moody, and the rise of the Salvation Army under William Booth. Such Power ! Such Conviction! Such Redemption swept our Nation Then.  A few decades ago Revivals broke out in my hometown of Bethany Okla. I remember my Parents and others as they spoke about the Great Revival which took place in the mid-fifties, under the preaching of Russel Delong at what was then known as Penial Nazarene College, Now Southern Nazarene University. The whole town was affected by the revival, and many were saved and sanctified. Revival broke out in Wilmore, Ky in ’70 and ’74 that swept the campuses of many Denominational colleges and universities in the evangelical world. It began when students began to confess their sins and publicly acknowledge that they needed to have a deeper relationship with God.

Our prayer today is “Lord, Do it again!” Open up the heavens and pour down rain. Let us feel the power and the conviction of your holy spirit, until our small ambitions are swallowed up in your Divine will !

9/11 15 years later:

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the tragic events that we remember as the day terrorists attacked our country, and took nearly 3000 lives, left our economy in shreds, and brought this nation of ours into the stark reality that we are not safe within our own borders.
The tragedy of 9-11 revealed several almost contradictory truths. 1st it showed the weakness of years of ignoring our borders and what can happen when we do not enforce our immigration laws.
 2. It shows the determination of our enemies to bring this nation down, and yes militant Islamic radicalism is the enemy of all that America historically stands for.
3. It shows that our Government, no matter what party is in power, does not take the danger seriously enough to do whatever it takes to destroy Islamic extremist terrorists.
4. It shows that there is still, among us those who will step up to the plate, and give themselves to the task of saving lives. The first responders from all over America gathered in NYC, and the Pentegon to rescue and recover people and remove debris from the Towers and the Pentegon.
If you are here today, and you have served or are serving in Fire service, law enforcement, medical response teams, or the United States Armed forces, will you please stand.
Today you represent those men and women who gave their lives, who feverishly labored to rescue the survivors, who recovered the bodies of those who perished so the loved ones may have some degree of closure . Those who risked their lives and health to save as many as possible. These were they, and you who are standing represent them by your service.
For almost as long as we have existed as a nation, we have assumed that the hand of providence that assisted the founding fathers in establishing this nation, would always be with us. But we came crashing into the reality that God has lifted his hand of protection from this once great nation.
On September the eleventh, 2001, 19 terrorists commandeered 4 commercial airline flights, flying two of them into the twin towers at the world trade center, and one into the pentagon. We do not know for sure what the target of the fourth plane was because some very brave passengers, led by Todd Beamer as far as we know, stormed the cockpit of the plane, and caused the plane to crash in a field far away from it’s intended target.
We as a nation were stunned, but we quickly rallied to defend our way of life. A few weeks passed while we began to restore the functions of the government, of commerce, and of faith. Millions across this country declared their faith, and their patriotism. Flags were in abundance, prayer once again had a place in our culture, and family was valued to a greater degree than before.
Voices began to be raised against the Militant Islamic factions that had caused this tragedy. Al quida and other terrorist groups  were targets of our anger, and soon war broke out in Afghanistan, and in Iraq.  As the Nation became war weary, voices began to be raised against our policies, Muslim voices clamored loudly for recognition as a “peaceful religion” and we began to be silent, for fear of retaliation. Calls for appeasement , and understanding began to win the day, until all of a sudden we realized things had changed drastically in the intervening years.
 A new President arose, who seemed sympathetic with the plight of Muslim people being “misunderstood”, mistreated, and persecuted ; stated openly that if the muslim population were mistreated, He would always stand with them. The 8 years of his leadership has placed Muslims in every dept of our Gov. many of them in high leadership positions. The person who is responsible for immigration policies and enforcement is a muslim woman with ties to violent militant terrorist groups.  The dept of education has nearly silenced the voice of Christians in our public schools, while at the same time giving those of the muslim faith the freedom to openly practice their faith and to prosylite in our educational systems from Kindergarten to graduate degree institutions.
As we speak the president has as his closet advisors people who are militant muslim aggressors, including his most valuable asset, Valerie Jarret. In this election cycle his former sec of state, Hillary Clinton has as her personal assistant and advocate a woman who is strongly connected by family to the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Tragedy of 9/11 has been compounded by the fact that we did not learn our lesson, and are rapidly in a moral descent, that will spell the end of this once great nation if there is no moral course direction change. We have embraced immorality on such a scale that even the Churches in the western world have embraced as morally viable the practices that led God to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. We have tried to understand where they are coming from, tried to justify relationships that are unholy and perverse, until we have actually allowed the proverbial camel into the tent. We have gotten used to the stench and feel quite at home with the animal that we once resisted.
That is not to say that the homosexual crowd is beyond redemption. Jesus loved them and shed his blood for them just like any other sinner. The truth is that we all need redemption, and sin is what it is whether big or small. We must realize that we will not know that we need redemption until we understand that we are lost, and the church must continue to call the same sex relationships what they are, or we are guilty of their blood at the judgement.
The aftermath of 9/11 has revealed just how corrupted this nation has become, and how little we seem to care that that is the case.
Today we remember those who died at the hands of this unspeakable evil. We remember those whose lives have been radicly changed because someone they loved, husband, wife, mother,  father, son or daughter, friend or neighbor perished in these attacks. And now there are others who have perished in subsequent terrorist activities in our homeland.
We remember a nation, whose sense of safety, security, and well-being was shattered on that day 15 years ago. And maybe as we remember the values upon which we were founded, a new resolve will arise within us as Americans to begin to stand-up and demand that our government return the power to it’s people.
None of us know what lies ahead. But whatever happens , let the people of God say as Paul wrote to the Corinthian Church in:
 2 Corinthians  4:8,9:  “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not to despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down but not destroyed; 
Verse 16-18 : Therefore we do not lose heart, Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.  For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far out-weighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, what is unseen is eternal.
Friends, these scriptures are certainly helpful to guide us in the aftermath of a national tragedy. But it is Pauls encouragement for all of us who are facing our own struggles. God’s grace can give us the courage to go on inspite of what we are facing. May God bless his people, and may God bless America. 
After the Benediction, please remain standing for the following musical presentation. Following the presentation you may be dismissed.
Now , may the God of eternal peace, who sees beyond today  into the brightness of that glad tomorrow….May he who is the giver of life and the author of our Salvation, keep us by his eternal love, keep us steadfast in a changing world, and keep us focused until we all reach that bright and glorious city of God. Amen

Pastors Blog

Musings For the New Year
Jan 1 2016

I have a hunch that many are voicing their New Years Resolutions rather stridently today.

I'm going to lose ____ pounds.”   “I'm going to get out of Debt”   “I'm going to be more disciplined”  “I'm going to finally clean out that closet, that garage, or that shed”  “I'm going to start saving money...” “I'm going to quit smoking, or drinking, or …..” the list is endless.

The fact that the coming of the New Year is an opportunity to review the past and plan for the future is undeniable. The apostle Paul wrote to the Philippians in chapter 3:13-14:

 “13 Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

Paul is stressing to us that the past is what it is, we cannot go back and change it. We can't afford to dwell on the past mistakes and failures. We can't let bitterness about being hurt by others continue to fester and cloud our vision.

The reality is, that many of us have had a tough year in 2015. For whatever reason, things have     not gone as we wished. Physical, emotional, relational, and financial problems have weighed us down. Paul testifies that he has put his past behind, and serves as an example for us.

His secret was not the fact that he was resigned to whatever took place in his past, or that he was going to let the future unfold as he went along thru life. No, his attitude was full of purpose and vision. Notice the language he uses...”forgetting”, “Straining toward...”  “I press on..” And the preface to these phrases...”...One thing I  “ DO...”!  “I do forget the past.... I do strain toward what is ahead.....I do press on!”  There is purpose and determination in those words !
The end game for Paul was to “win the prize” The prize for which His calling was pressed upon Him. The “Heavenward call.”

In summary and application, I would remind you all, that God is working out his purpose in you. The road we travel is not an easy one, but it is a blessed one. His presence goes before us. Purposeful living in harmony with God's plan will lead us to a productive life, and a glorious eternity.

Happy New Year ! May God help us to strive and Press on toward our Heavenward Call !

Pastor Tim   


Pastors Blog

I lived in the La. farm country for several years. I often saw the activity in the fields as they prepared the ground, planted, fertilized, watered, until the harvest came. It took patience, faithfulness, alertness and hope to finally bring about the harvest.
Around this time of the year, after the last ear of corn had been harvested, the last load of beans brought to the silo's, the last bale of cotton dropped off at the gin, the farmers would begin to tally their profit for the year and we would have a harvest day celebration.
On Harvest Day, we would bring our best dishes, our favorite desserts, round up the family and come to Church where the Harvest offering would be given in grattitude for the blessings which God had given us.
In South Florida, the times of harvest are different than in La. Because of the climate, there is no certain time of the year when all crops of every kind are brought in, and the work ceases for a few weeks or month's.  You can be growing something almost year round.
Jesus told his disciples to open their spiritual eyes, and see that the harvest fields are ready, that the time to reap the harvest is short. Therefore the need for workers has never been greater. He instructed them to pray that the Lord of the harvest will send workers into the field.( Luke 10:1,2 "1Now after this the Lord appointed seventy others, and sent them in pairs ahead of Him to every city and place where He Himself was going to come. 2And He was saying to them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.…)
As we contemplate our activities as a church and a congregation, let us begin anew to prepare for the harvest.  Statistics tell us that our area still has many who are unreached by any of the Churches in our Town. Let's turn our attention to the harvest.

Pastors Blog
August 2015

A Christian author and writer recently wrote an article in which he stated he doesn't attend church regularly, because  "no one knows what really makes up a biblical church." I do not know this man, and I am not suggesting that not attending church regularly is a practice or example that should be followed. But that is a discussion for another time.

The point of this writing is not that one should regularly attend  Church. I am writing to speak to the issue of what is a biblical church. Just a few preliminary points to define my understanding of "Biblical Church."

1. Biblical Church is a place or event not defined by location or large numbers. "Where two or three are gathered together....." (Matthew 18:20) The place could be anywhere, it is authentically a "church" event where two or three are gathered together.

2. A Biblical Church involves singing, praying and the study of the word.  Ephesians 5:18-21 speaks of singing psalms and melodies in praise to God and the mutual blessing of the people. The example of the early Church in the book of Acts, refers often to the practice of the offering of prayers, and the study of the scriptures as a corporate body.

3. The leaders of the Church in the NT and beyond stressed unity as a major part, if not "THE' major part of the spirit of the early Church. The Church was to be seen as a family. Jesus prayed in the high priestly prayer of John 17 for the disciples to be "one", as he is "one with the father", "so the world will know" that he is sent from God.

4. The Biblical Church is committed to holiness in daily living. The Kingdom principles that Jesus taught clearly reveal that the expectations of the followers of Jesus were to reflect his character and spirit in their daily lives. Matthews Gospel records the sermon on the mount, "Mathew 5-7"

5. Leaders in the Church were to be men and women of good character and spiritual life. Pauls letter to Timothy (1 Timothy) gives the qualifications for leadership in the Church.

6. The Church was given a task in the NT, to take Christ to the uttermost parts of the earth. Matthew 28:19-20 was the assignment of the primary function of the Church.

7. The Biblical Church is committed to the feeding of the poor, the clothing of the naked, and " the lifting of the fallen. In the parable of the "sheep and goats, Jesus commended those who fed him when he was hungry, when thirsty gave him something to drink, offered hospitality when he was a stranger, when he needed clothes they provided for him, when he was sick they nursed him to health, and visited him in prison. When they asked "when did we do all these things for you, His answer was, if you have done it for the least of these, you have done it for me." (ref: Matthew 25:31-46).

8. The Biblical Church observes the commemoration of communion. Jesus did not say how often, but he did instruct the disciples to come together from time to time, to remember the sacrifice of his body and blood, given for the remission of sin.( John 13)

9. Biblical Church is fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit. All spiritual success comes from a power beyond ourselves. In the 2nd chapter of Acts, the Holy Spirit anointed the church, and sent them out in a blaze of spiritual fire to testify of the living Christ. With that anointing, the church took the message to all of the known world in the first 100 years of it's existence. Without interstates, automobiles, Passenger jets, trains, and modern ships, they traveled mostly on foot and took the gospel to those who needed to hear. Without the "anointing" they would not have even tried. At best they would not have been successful. 

I have listed 8 principles that define the Biblical Church. let me draw some conclusions from these principles.

1. There is no mention of a church building in any of  the descriptions of the early Church. Therefore, the use of a church building has no specific design or function, other than the exercise of the mandates for worship, fellowship, the study of the word, and the preparation for evangelism and the compassionate ministries mandated for the church, whether or not they have a church building.

2. The focus of the Biblical Church is not on itself, but on the worship of God, the winning of the lost, and the healing of the broken and the lifting of fallen humanity.
Personal and corporate comfort and leisure were not even a consideration to the early church.

3. The people of the Biblical Church are tasked with the awesome privilege of maintaining a close relationship with God and each other. The agreement and unity around eternal truth is the grounds by which other differences of opinion will seem insignificant. In other words, most things that cause division in the Churches today, would not be important if we would always weigh them in the light of eternity, and the weightier matters of "Biblical" truth and example.

To sum it all up, Much of what we look at as "Church" is simply the patterns and practices, and structures we have accumulated by years of tradition and cultural influences. Not that any of that is particularly bad. However, if we value these things more than the true biblical principles that define the church Jesus designed, we are nothing more than a religious social club, more interested in ourselves, than in doing the work of God. In that light it is no wonder that the writer of the afore mentioned article and others are finding other things to do, rather than attending church regularly.

I believe this world is hungry to see authentic Christianity, lived out in love and holiness, with great compassion for the broken spirit of this world. 


Pastors Blog
June 4,2015

She was a woman in her late fifties or early sixties, a black woman standing in the parking lot of Walmart
With an open Bible in her hands. As I watched she would read aloud sometimes, pray out loud sometimes, and pace up and down the drive, and alongside the parked cars. I watched for a few minutes as she, unaware of my attention, kept up this routine as if she were on a mission.
I watched as cars pulled into nearby parking spaces. Drivers and passengers alike mostly ignored her, but a few glanced at her with curiosity if only for a moment, then turned their attention to Walmart.
After a few minutes, I also went about my business…finding and purchasing a few items. I returned to my car where I observed that she was continuing her activities of reading and prayer, prayer and reading…..voice rising and falling as she felt the impact of what she was reading. “Come now let us reason together says the Lord. Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”
I paused and spoke to her. “God bless you my sister,” I said. “And may God bless you!” she replied. I got in my car and drove away.
I must admit, that on another occasion when I had seen her engaged in this activity, I thought she must be just another misguided soul who unintentionally made Christians look foolish and mentally challenged. Sincere? Without doubt. But she was likely not very bright .
But as I drove away and headed home, thinking about that poor soul…. I was convicted. Here was a woman so pure in her love for Christ that she was willing to be seen as a fool. A person not quite right, if one word of the Gospel could find it’s way to a hungry soul. If what she was doing could trigger a God moment in someones life. She was so committed to Christ; she was willing to do what most of us might dismiss as ridiculous… if in so doing she would please her Lord.  She was willing to face criticism, ridicule, even mockery, if in so doing the word of God would find lodging in just one soul, in one mind, in one heart.
The conviction came at the point of the question, “Would I be willing to be thought a fool for the sake of Christ? And then the prayer…. “Lord help me to Love you enough that I would put aside all personal interests in order to be obedient and committed to what would honor you, and touch lives for the sake of the Kingdom.” 


Pastors Blog
March 2015

Last Wed. Night my plan was to do a devotional on Jesus teaching about “the least of these. I was going to lead into it with a time of testimony about who it was that showed us the way to Christ. I was going to stress the fact that an act of kindness to a stranger is ministering to the heart of our Savior. While it didn’t go according to plan, it was informative and inspirational to hear the gratitude of those who testified about the one who most influenced them to seek a place in the family.
Several listed their mother as the influence that drew them to Christ, others gave credit to Sunday School teachers, pastors, and other people in the Church. The testimonies lasted until time to go home so I never got to the scripture reading.
The point I wanted to make at the end is simply this. If we came to Christ, it was most likely because we saw Christ in someone who either was a part of our life, or came into our life with an act of love or kindness.
Jesus said to those who were accepted , “You saw me in need, and you met my need.” They asked “when did we see you in need, and meet that need?” His answer…..”If you did it for these who are needy ….you did it for me.” (paraphrase)
There are still hurting people in this world. Their numbers are growing rapidly. We cannot meet all the needs , but we can meet a few. Remember that Jesus also said to the other side, “You saw me in need but you made no effort to meet my needs. “ They asked as well “When did we see you in need and fail to meet your need”  He said “If you did not do it for these who are needy, you did not do it for me.” (paraphrase)
The point is, that when we look at the needy and see Christ, and meet that need, then those whose needs are met will see Christ in us, and maybe, just maybe they will be ready for the good news of the Gospel. 
It is something to think about.

October 13, 2014

Is God Enough ?
Tim Timmons wrote in a devotional I read today, an event that he say’s had great impact on Him. It was a simple question from his father. “Tim, is Jesus alone enough for you”. Timmons  is struggling with an incurable cancer. His testimony is that he is learning that “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” But his struggle is “what about my wife and kid’s.?” His concern had turned to worry, and fear.
He had to admit to his father, that his life was not a true reflection of the “Enough-ness” of Jesus for every situation. 
What about you ? What about me ? Can we truthfully say that in all of lifes struggles, “Jesus is enough!!”
As I reflect on life, and what I have experienced so far,…. Even though I have not always trusted him as I should, Jesus has been enough and more than I ever could have asked for. My worries, and my fears, my anxiety and my impatience were always completely unnecessary. “Oh, for grace to trust Him More”


August 25,2014

A friend posted this recently. I thought it was good enough to share.

“Some people act as if they need permission to start enjoying life. They are waiting to enjoy life until after they have finished their to-do-list. We’re always waiting for the next big thing—the next purchase or position or place. But enjoyment never comes; it’s always right around the corner, but we never actually get there. Most of us either live for tomorrow or live because of yesterday. Our focus is on the future or the past and we never really get to enjoy the present. Think about how much of our activity is based on all the things we have to do to get the future we want. We can’t really control either the past or the future, but when we try to live in either direction, we miss the present—the only time we really ever have. We turn our focus to all the challenges of life and then struggle with all the anxieties that come from such a negative focus. If heaviness is always the tone of your life, you’ll be out of balance, and a lot of other areas of your life will be negatively affected. If enjoying life is a gift, an expectation, and an integral part of how we were made, why are so many of us discouraged so much of the time and weighed down with seriousness? How many of us have been trained to miss out on so much of the good things and good times God wants us to enjoy? Not to enjoy life is actually disobedient! God not only allows us to enjoy great moments, He encourages us to. This is not a should, it’s a must. God is into giving good things to His people. But if we can’t stop long enough to enjoy His gifts, we take them for granted or forget them. AS C. S. Lewis said, “Joy is the serious business of heaven.” It’s God’s desire for His people to be joyful and enjoying great moments reminds us that God is the source of all of our joy, and that honors Him.” Chip Ingram


August 13,2014

On the passing of actor Robin Williams I have a few observations.

1. He was obviously a gifted man. His ability to communicate with drama and words was remarkable. How sad, that he used those gifts in such a way that God received no glory or honor.

2. His passing is mourned, (naturally so) by the general public. After all, he was a public figure and well known by many. His friends and neighbors found value in his friendship, so they will miss him as well. So will his family. This is as it should be. Some well meaning Christians are seemingly unaware that he was a human being as well as an actor and public figure.

3. His death has been ruled a suicide. He was subject to deep depression as many gifted people are. Those who have not experienced that kind of depression have no idea what people who do experience it go through on a daily basis. Some of the Godliest people I have known have suffered in this arena. To assume that the effects of the depression are in some way related to a spiritual deficiency is in my opinion a clear indication of ignorance of the subject. I am not saying that Williams was a godly man. He was not. He,like any one else who does not know Jesus was lost, and maybe forever if he had no oppportunity to repent. The point I am making is that we tend to cast a blanket condemnation on those who seek a way out of their private pain, and in the process leave deep wounds on the souls of those left behind to deal with the aftermath.

4. A lot has been said about this tragic death because it was a suicide, but very few are concerned that he left this world, possibly not knowing that he was ready to face eternity. We cannot under estimate God's mercy, but all indications are that he was lost and we all know what that implies. Some of the comments I have read are focused on the sin of suicide or a condemnation of his lifestyle, but no real concern that he might have died lost.

5. Finally, In the days since his passing there have been more news reports of his death and more people commenting on his death on social media, than all the reports combined and all the conversations combined about the Christians that are still being martyred and displaced, and persecuted in the months that it has been going on in Iraq and Syria. Hundreds dead or displaced, and yet this one death is taking up the time and space of our media conversations.

In the larger picture, this is a commentary on where we are as a culture. Where we are as the "Church" and why we need to refocus our attention on the things that really matter in the light of eternity.










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